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Autobody / Accident Repair and



We undertake auto-refinishing (body building) of cars, vans (including hi-dome ones) or

Body repair which involves panel beating, cutting rust out and welding new steel or panel(s) in
and/ or filling to get rid of dents or chips to achieve the original shape of the panel(s) and or the
swage line.

Unfortunately being a safe and competent driver doesn’t necessarily protect your vehicle from
being damaged. We can restore your vehicle and repair accidental damage to it.

We welcome insurance work so if you’ve had an accident or your car has been vandalised please
ask us for a free quotation. We can help submit your claim. Always remember you can you can
normally choose where you have your vehicle repaired, despite the threats and coercion your
insurer may try and bring to bear on you. Stand your ground and explain to your insurer that you
have already selected Tssst. The only exception is where your insurance policy includes a
clause that you MUST go where your insurer tells you to, but that only applies if this was made
very clear to you when you took the policy out. Once your insurer has registered your claim we
will chase them to authorise the repairs and then proceed with the work. We can also assist you
with claims for personal injury, loss of earnings or personal effects.

We also welcome repairs not covered by insurance.


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