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Perhaps you need to give your vehicle a spring clean before selling it, or if it is leased, before
returning it. May be you are just too busy to wash it! Your vehicle represents a major investment
and to keep its value, it should be kept clean and presentable.
We provide a quality-valeting service; we can also provide you with a Tailor Made Packages to suit your
needs and specific requirements.
We are fully trained and will give professional advice to all our customer to give them the
satisfaction of having their car valeted with precision and care.Our staff are NVQ 2 certified in valeting to make your car the cleanest it can possibly be.

Customer service
We are committed to providing an efficient and courteous service to you, our customers and all
our staff are trained to ensure that we achieve excellence in all we do.
So whether you want bodywork repair, repraying or valeting give us the opportunity to quote. We
know that you'll be delighted with both our service and the price. Big or small, we do it all!

Example prices are:
  Mini Valet Full Valet
   Interior (inc boot) Shampoo  
   Interior (inc boot) Vacuum clean & apply    deoderiser
   Tar remover door shuts  
   Dashboards Polish
   Interior glass cleaned    
   Interior & exterior glass cleaned &    polished  
   Exterior wash & shine  
   Clean tyres wheel arch & alloys  
   Exterior chemically washed & soaped  
   Dry exterior with sft chamois
   Remove chewing gum/ sweets  
   Engine bay  
  25 45-50

We would be pleased to undertake this work for you.


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